Data-As-A-Service: Delivered live and seamlessly into your client workflows

Providers of data-driven services (E.g. Prices, IOIs, Axes, Auctions, Reference Data) are telling us that they find it increasingly challenging to integrate such offerings into their client’s workflows. Dropping yet another app onto a client’s desktop is meeting with ever greater resistance as available screen space is squeezed, while file-based data sharing is no longer efficient or timely. Clients are increasingly opting for data services which can be delivered into their existing workflow tools of choice so they can seamlessly integrate and automate. This may be into Excel, APIs, or increasingly into chat environments like Symphony or Microsoft Teams, with demand driven by new working practices and a greater understanding of the power of chat-based workflows. A new breed of FinTechs sit at the forefront of this new way of delivering Data-as-a-Service, through powerful fast-to-market solutions built on low/no code modules and add-ins, integrating seamlessly into your client’s existing workflow tools and removing barriers to client installation.

For brokers, banks, and providers of data-driven services, effectively integrating your offering into your clients’ ever-evolving workflow environment remains one of the greatest challenges but also one of the biggest opportunities.

In this Financial Markets Insights report from The Realization Group, Jannah Patchay explores the burden of the last mile of delivery, and what can be done to greatly improve the client experience, with our panel of experts – James Tromans of Google, Luke Ryan of Morningstar, Ovie Koloko of Parameta Solutions, Bernie Thurston of Ultumus and Matthew Cheung of ipushpull.

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