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Financial Markets insights (FMi), a community created by The Realization Group, brings together the best minds in the global financial and capital markets industry to discuss and deliver high-quality thought leadership content.

Financial Markets Insights
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The current state of liquidity in European markets

Description In our latest 'In conversation with' episode, host Carina Evison welcomes James Baugh, Head of European Market Structure at TD Cowen, to discuss the current challenges around liquidity in European markets, the practical effects of recent industry changes, and the impact of a European consolidated tape. Key takeaways Emphasising the importance of understanding how changes impact clients' businesses rather than just relaying information showcases a client-centric approach. Market structure lies at the core of business strategies, especially in electronic and low touch segments, proving critical for success. The role of consolidated tape in Europe is crucial for enhancing transparency...
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Financial Institutions and Fintech Engagement | The Journey to Meaningful Innovation

In this episode, Helen Disney interviews Tim Richards, CEO of Hoptroff, to discuss the state of engagement between financial institutions and FinTechs, and how both sides can collaborate better together to achieve meaningful innovation.
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Why are financial services firms exploring the metaverse?

In this episode of Financial Markets Insights, Helen Disney, The Realization Group, and Sean Kiernan, CEO of Greengage, are joined by Théophane Ramé, CEO and Founder of Eldora, the first business metaverse. Their discussion focuses on how to define the metaverse and why financial institutions are becoming interested in having a presence there. They also discuss Greengage and Eldora’s partnership, and how this will bring a new conception of financial services to the Eldora community.
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The final stage of IBOR transition

In this episode, our host Clive Posselt meets Chris Burke, CEO of Brickendon Consulting, to discuss the final phase of IBOR transition.
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