UST Clearing – Kickstarter

UST Clearing – Kickstarter

Tonic Boom!

By Tonic

In this inaugural episode of Tonic Boom!, the conversation is dedicated to US Treasury Clearing (USTC), a truly monster reg initiative that will transform the UST industry operating model over the coming years.

The first in a series of episodes on the topic, the Kickstarter focuses on the foundations of UST Clearing, joined by:

  • Chris Watts, Host and Tonic CEO
  • Phil Cook, Head of Post-Trade at Tonic
  • Travis Keltner, Head of Financing at State Street
  • Jeff Sowell, Head of Financing Product at State Street

Tune in to hear answers to questions including:

  • “What are the market drivers for USTC?”
  • “What is the regulatory scope, key rules and dates?”
  • “What is the history of Repo Clearing and how has it shaped the UST Clearing model we see today?
  • “What are the key impact areas for in-scope firms?”