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An award-winning podcast series by Greengage – embracing innovation and building trust in digital finance – designed to bring expert opinions on the latest tech trends and providing a measured approach to discussing key developments in the world of blockchain and digital assets.

The Gage
By Greengage

Unpacking the impact of blockchain on the legal and policy world

In this episode of The Gage, host Sean Kiernan interviews Tom Spiller, OBE, lead legal director at Rosenblatt. Tom shares his expertise in law and his passion for politics, discussing the current developments in the UK's legal and policy world. Topics covered in this episode include new regulation per Financial Services and Markets and Electronic Trade Documents Acts, the financial promotions crypto regime, Law Commission proposals and FCA consultations. Tom emphasises the impact and importance of law and regulation of crypto assets, particularly in light of growing institutional and market supervisory interest in them.  offering valuable insights into the intersection...
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The Evolution of Crypto Asset Regulation | Comparing EU, US and UK approaches

In this episode of The Gage, Greengage CEO, Sean Kiernan sits down with Ferdisha Snagg, a financial services regulation lawyer at Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton, to discuss crypto asset regulation in the UK. They explore the current state of regulation in the UK compared to the EU and the US, and delve into topics such as the definition of different types of crypto assets, their use in financing, and the evolving regulatory landscape. They also touch on how commercial law will respond to the unique nature of crypto and give expert insights on the intersection of traditional finance and...
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the gage: campaigning for change | how tech innovators can shape the future of crypto

In this episode of The Gage, Greengage CEO sits down with Rolf Merchant, Director of strategic advisory firm Audley, to discuss the politics of cryptocurrency. They explore the race among countries to establish themselves as global tech hubs, the need for boldness in policy formation, and the potential approach of the Labour party towards the tech sector and cryptocurrency in the UK. Rolf shares his insights from his fintech background, his work in navigating the intersection of politics, government, and the fintech industry and gives a measured approach to understanding the intersection of politics and cryptocurrency.
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