The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Financial Technology Leaders

Over the past year, the advent of the global pandemic has challenged us all to demonstrate our resilience, to call upon our unique strengths and to show leadership as we struggle to face up to the enormous upheaval in our personal and professional lives brought about by Covid-19. Entrepreneurs and innovators have been no exception to the rule but arguably these individuals have been better equipped to adapt to change due to the inherent nature of what they do.

We talk to 6 leading entrepreneurs in the field – Jennifer Nayar (CEO, Vela Trading Systems), Leda Glyptis (Chief Client Officer, 10x Future Technologies), Remonda Z. Kirketerp-Møller (Founder & CEO, Muinmos), Liam Huxley (CEO & Founder, Cassini Systems), Philip Miller (Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Solidatus), and Thomas McHugh (CEO & Co-Founder at Finbourne Technology) about how they used these habits to face 2020’s challenges – and to find the new opportunities that lie ahead.

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