TechPassport introduces Greengage, digital merchant banking pioneer, as new client, diversifying the platform users

LONDON – 29 June 2023 – TechPassport, the leading SaaS provider connecting financial institutions with enterprise ready FinTech firms, is pleased to announce its partnership with Greengage, a crypto friendly digital merchant banking pioneer looking to use TechPassport to connect with innovative solutions. This collaboration expands TechPassport’s marketplace, connecting FinTechs with a broader range of buyers in the financial services industry.

Oscar Brennan, Chief Revenue Officer of TechPassport, expressed his enthusiasm about the new partnership, stating;

“We are delighted to have Greengage join our platform. This collaboration brings diversity to the financial institutions already on TechPassport, creating more interactions with a varied array of FinTechs in our marketplace. We hope to see more digital banking providers follow suit, utilising our platform to find FinTechs that meet their needs and governance standards.”

TechPassport, which has been operating since 2019, has already successfully demonstrated the ability in the banking space for its platform to reduce the time taken to establish NDAs and POCs.

Example outcome delivered for Tier 1 bank: NDA & PoC request time reduced by 94% from five weeks to 1-3 days.

TechPassport’s collaboration with Greengage perfectly aligns with the recent announcement made by the UK government during the renowned UK Tech Week. Rishi Sunak, with his ambitious goal of making the UK the leading country worldwide for starting, growing, and investing in tech businesses, has set the stage for our collective industry aspirations.

Achieving this ambitious objective requires robust support for FinTechs to thrive once they’ve embarked on their entrepreneurial journey. It is through our exceptional platform that TechPassport bridges the crucial gap between these emerging ventures and potential buyers, paving the way for their success.

Sean Kiernan, Founder and CEO of Greengage added:

“We are excited about joining the TechPassport platform as it will enable us to connect with FinTech companies providing innovative solutions to help deliver on our digital merchant banking vision. We are also keen to build relationships with FinTech firms who might benefit in turn from Greengage’s responsive e-money banking services, with every client getting personal service and a dedicated Relationship Manager.”

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