Sterling Trading Tech Brings Proprietary OMS and 
Risk Models to Asia

CHICAGO, March 12, 2024 – Sterling Trading Tech (STT), a leading global provider of technology in order management, risk and margin, and trading, today announced a 2024 expansion into Asia. STT focuses on client growth by delivering technology that provides clients with a competitive advantage. This announcement comes as the second in a series of strategic announcements for 2024 regarding plans for international expansion, following the recent onboarding of KBFG Securities America Inc. 

The move is in response to the Asia markets and client demand for more advanced OMS and Risk solutions than are currently available in local markets. STT has identified Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore as the focus for the expansion. STT will deploy its systems both locally and cross-border (focusing on U.S. operations of Asia entities). 

Sterling’s multi-asset OMS enhances liquidity and alpha generation in U.S. equities and options. It fosters client growth and competitiveness by creating operational and infrastructure efficiencies. STT’s OMS offers real-time balances and positions, advanced margin methodologies, customizable risk controls, broad reporting capabilities, and API connectivity, enabling seamless trading.  Advanced order queuing allows traders to place orders at any time and receive international orders in real time outside of U.S. trading hours. 

The Risk & Margin capability is delivered across a menu of technical alternatives, covers US equities and global options, and delivers proprietary and unique RegTech capability. This includes Risk & Margin together in one system, and RegT and Custom House Policy Updates in real time. Post-execution analysis is done using real-time market data.

Said Jennifer Nayar, STT CEO: “The perception in many markets is that OMS and Risk offerings are commoditized.  Our perspective is that these systems can be used to enhance efficiencies, competitiveness, and profitability, while covering regulatory requirements. Using STT, clients can reduce the time to trade U.S. from nine to six months. What sets us apart in the industry is our multi-asset OMS, delivering 24×5 capabilities, and our Risk system, built with unmatched regulatory features to provide a distinct competitive advantage. Our experience is that Asia markets consistently seek the most capable and advanced solutions to build their franchises and we have already gained traction with our approach.”