Orora collaborates with World Health Innovation Summit

London, 26th September 2023: Orora, a leading London Based FinTech for Good, is thrilled to announce its ground-breaking collaboration with the World Health Innovation Summit (WHIS) to develop an innovative Multi-Hazard Climate and Social Resilience Digital Asset-Based Instrument and to develop Orora’s Impact Banking as a Service Platform. This partnership aims to revolutionise the way we address climate change, and the social wellbeing challenges it raises, by leveraging cutting-edge technology and financial innovation expertise. By coming together to reimagine via Orora’s platform the concept of what Catastrophe and Green Bonds can do this collaboration will collectively build a new era in sustainable finance.

Orora’s Multi-Hazard Climate and Social Resilience Digital Asset-Based instrument issuance and management platform is a first-of-its-kind concept, which will utilize Orora’s UK Government-backed advanced FinTech research and WHIS’ extensive experience in health innovation to create a powerful platform for sustainable investments. This collaboration is set to redefine the landscape of impact investing and climate resilience, contributing to a more resilient future for communities worldwide.

With the increasing frequency and intensity of climate-related disasters and the pressing need for social resilience initiatives, this joint effort will provide a unique and effective solution. Through the integration of digital assets and advanced risk management strategies, these new financial instruments will enable individuals, organizations, and governments to invest in projects that promote climate adaptation, disaster preparedness, and social well-being. While at the same time mitigating the impact of the underlying risk.

“Orora is excited to partner with the World Health Innovation Summit in our shared vision of creating positive impact and driving change,” said Victoria Thompson, Orora’s Founder CEO. “By combining our expertise in FinTech with WHIS’ domain knowledge in the Healthcare and Wellbeing sector, we are confident that this collaboration will pave the way for innovative solutions to address climate change and social challenges humanity is facing in this defining decade.”

The collaboration between Orora and WHIS marks a significant milestone in the financial technology sector, demonstrating the power of cross-industry partnerships to tackle global issues. Together, they will leverage their respective strengths to develop sustainable investment opportunities, empowering investors to make a tangible difference in the face of climate-related risks and social vulnerabilities.

“We are delighted to join forces with Orora, and its team of esteemed leaders in theFinTech space,” commented Gareth Presch, CEO WorldHealth Innovation Summit.“This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission to foster innovation and drive social impact. By leveraging digital assets and financial tools, we can collectivelyaddress climate resilience and social well-being, positively impacting communities around the world.”

With their shared commitment to creating a more resilient and sustainable future, Orora and WHIS are poised to revolutionise the way we approach financing climate and social challenges. Together, they will unlock new opportunities for innovative investments, provide access to digital cash, and ultimately foster global resilience and improve societal well-being.

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