GMEX ZERO13 Collaborates with HyperloopTT’s Innovation Management Platform “Lucy” for Sustainable Innovation

London & Los Angeles, Calif., 9th November 2023 — GMEX Group’s ZERO13, a leading advocate for achieving Net Zero through its cutting-edge climate fintech platform-as-a-service ecosystem is pleased to announce a dynamic agreement with Hyperloop Transportation Technology’s AI-based innovation management platform, “Lucy”. This collaboration marks a significant step toward fostering innovation that drives sustainability and positive environmental impact.

ZERO13’s pioneering approach combines AI and blockchain to restore trust in carbon credit markets, addressing critical issues such as greenwashing, double counting, price transparency, vertical silos, and market fragmentation. Their automated AI and blockchain-driven international carbon exchange, registry, and aggregation hub form the backbone of an ecosystem that accelerates the journey to Net Zero.

Lucy, a vital component of the HyperloopTT group, is a powerful innovation management platform on a mission to create a seamless environment where corporate ecosystems and highly talented individuals can effectively collaborate to solve the world’s most pressing challenges. The platform is underpinned by the belief in the potential of people-powered transformation at every level. Reducing carbon emissions is just one facet of a broader commitment to systemic change and regeneration.

The CEO of ZERO13 and GMEX Group, Mr. Hirander Misra, and HyperloopTT Group’s Chief Labs Officer, Mr. Mauro Romano, have come together with a shared vision. By combining Lucy’s innovation lifecycle management solution and ZERO13’s advanced carbon exchange ecosystem, these two innovative companies will create a holistic innovation management cycle to sustainability. Their goal is to facilitate groundbreaking, purpose-driven ideas and technologies that directly influence the way we live, work, and interact with the world.

Lucy and ZERO13 offer a unique ecosystem for innovators, where highly talented and passionate individuals are matched with organizations seeking innovative solutions to today’s most pressing challenges. This collaborative initiative encourages an open-innovation universe where organizations can promote opportunities while maintaining high confidentiality and IP protection standards.

Together, HyperloopTT’s Lucy and ZERO13 will play a pivotal role in shaping a sustainable future through innovative solutions. These two organizations are committed to fostering positive change on a global scale and represent a model of collaboration that demonstrates the transformative power of technology, human talent, and shared purpose.

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