McKay Brothers Now Lowest Latency Between New Jersey and Toronto

January 4, 2024 – (Oakland, CA) – McKay Brothers has deployed the lowest known latency private bandwidth between key New Jersey equity exchanges and TMX Group exchanges in Markham, Ontario. McKay’s newest network connects equities markets at the NYSE in Mahwah and TMX Group’s exchanges in Markham in less than 1.754 milliseconds one-way (measured between the Mahwah carrier room and the TMX colo hall in Markham).

“For many years, market makers of cross-listed securities had only one service provider competing with private trading firms’ wireless networks,” says McKay co-founder Bob Meade. “We’re pleased to introduce the lowest latency wireless network on a level playing field to all subscribers.”

McKay’s newest wireless network is part of a growing commitment to serve Canadian markets. McKay launched the lowest latency private bandwidth service from the CME in Aurora, Illinois to TMX in Markham in March of this year. McKay’s sister company, Quincy Data, has provided the lowest latency market data service from CME to TMX since 2022.

McKay Brothers revolutionized the market for lowest latency telecom services used for trading in financial markets. McKay’s wireless networks have been live in North America since 2012, Europe since 2014 and Asia since 2016. The company’s transpacific network went live last year, connecting the CME with trading hubs in Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore. Quincy Data is recognized as the leading distributor of extremely low latency market data via its global QED platform. McKay and Quincy have leveled the playing field for access to the fastest connectivity between financial markets and the most up-to-date market data.

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