McKay Brothers Launches Fastest London-Stockholm Private Bandwidth

April 10, 2024 (Geneva) McKay Brothers International (MBI) launched the lowest latency private bandwidth between London and Stockholm. McKay’s ultra-low latency service connects key European exchanges: London’s LD4 data center, home of Cboe Europe and Stockholm’s Stack STO01 data center, which houses Nasdaq-OMX’s markets. McKay’s hybrid wireless-fiber route transmits data between London and Stockholm hundreds of microseconds faster than incumbent services. McKay’s service also allows for data to be transmitted and received at London’s Interxion and Telehouse North 2 data centers. 

“We are thrilled to connect key London and Stockholm exchange trading centers at the lowest latency,” said MBI’s managing director Francois Tyc. “We continue to expand our services to all major European trading centers and aim to offer the lowest latency across the board.”

MBI has Europe’s largest portfolio of ultra-low latency wireless networks and exchange market data used by trading firms, banks, and hedge funds. MBI’s long haul microwave networks connect London, Frankfurt, Bergamo, Zurich and Madrid. McKay’s London Metro service connects the major UK trading centers. The company’s London-Dublin network provides the lowest latency connectivity to key crypto venues. MBI’s market data services distribute select exchange data from Eurex, LME, Cboe Europe, CME, and the Intercontinental Exchange at critical trading centers in Europe.  

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