Kaiko Partners with DataBP to Enhance Data Licensing and Management Capabilities

New York, Paris – April 30, 2024. Kaiko, a world leader in cryptocurrency data, has announced a partnership with DataBP to implement their data licensing management platform and join their growing community of vendors, exchanges, and index providers who are redefining the operating model for data commercialization. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Kaiko, enabling the company to continue its growth and increase its scale efficiently at a pivotal time for the cryptocurrency industry. 

This initiative will facilitate the efficient scale-up of Kaiko’s global operations by automating its sales, billing, and entitlement processes through DataBP’s SaaS platform and integration with Salesforce.com. DataBP’s integration with the Salesforce.com API  allows Kaiko to automate the generation of custom data licensing agreements from Salesforce opportunities, automate data access entitlements and customer billing. DataBP’s Licensing Ledger provides a central history of licensing changes, data consumption metrics, and billing history allowing for seamless integration of Kaiko’s sales operations.

This integration is also crucial for Kaiko and its clients, playing a vital role in ensuring systematic licensing, fostering transparency, and promoting fair pricing practices. Notably, Kaiko addresses regulatory demands, through DataBP’s validation of anonymized customer contract data. By year-end, clients will effortlessly access licences, inventory, and usage metrics via a unified portal. With adherence to SOC2T2 standards, Kaiko guarantees operational excellence on par with industry leaders. This collaboration underscores Kaiko’s dedication to innovation and trust in the cryptocurrency data landscape.

Ambre Soubiran, CEO of Kaiko, said “Kaiko is thrilled to collaborate with DataBP to support our subscription and data licensing relationships at scale. The partnership sets a new standard in the management and commercialization of digital asset data, accelerating Kaiko’s expansion and addressing the evolving needs of the cryptocurrency market.”

Mark Schaedel, CEO of DataBP, echoed the sentiment by adding “DataBP is delighted to partner with Kaiko, a leader in cryptocurrency data who joins our community of vendors, index providers, and exchanges who are digitizing their data licensing and subscription management operational model in support of the growing demand for data and intelligence. As the digital asset data segment hits stride, Kaiko is positioned to significantly grow their business efficiently without investing in additional sales resources. This collaboration not only allows DataBP to extend our footprint into the burgeoning field of cryptocurrency assets but also enriches our community of index and market data providers. As the crypto industry continues to mature, we see opportunities to continue to grow our community of data, index, and analytic providers share in the cost of innovation.”

Bediss Cherif, Chief Revenue Officer at Kaiko, addedThis is a major step forward for Kaiko, particularly in scaling our back office operations. Automation at the highest operational standard is key to supporting our expansion and ensuring we can keep up with increasing industry demands for our services. Leveraging DataBP’s platform, we can focus on providing value to our customers and improving both our customer experience, and our business operations backbone.” 

With the crypto industry experiencing increased institutional adoption of digital asset strategies, the strategic collaboration unlocks multiple opportunities for innovative new commercial models and cloud-first delivery solutions. 

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