Cboe Europe Derivatives, IPC Enhance Access to European Equity Derivatives

Europe’s equity derivatives market has historically been dominated by national exchanges each of which have primarily focused on their domestic market, requiring participants to connect to multiple exchanges and clearing houses to achieve pan-European coverage.

Cboe Europe Derivatives (CEDX), which launched in 2021, has taken a different approach with the aim of lowering the barriers to entry for firms wishing to trade European derivatives and reverse a decade or so of stagnant volumes in European products compared to those in other developed markets.

To continue its growth momentum, CEDX is collaborating with IPC on multiple fronts to deliver further and greater efficiencies with respect to efficient market access.

So, what does this mean in practice? Iouri Saroukhanov, Head of European Derivatives at Cboe Europe, and John Owens, Director Global Exchange Relations at IPC, spoke to Markets Media to elaborate on their industry collaboration. Read the full interview here

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